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821 Beach 25th St
Far Rockaway, New York 11691


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Kenneth Mabuchi Class of 1946
Danielle Mackens Class of 1994
Shrelle Mackie
Scott Madden Class of 1979
Ruth Madoff
Bernie Madoff
Bernard Madoff Class of 1956
Bernard Madov
Timothy Maffei Class of 1975
Maria Maggio
Robin Magid Class of 1967
Mehdi Mahraoui Class of 2009
Steve Maiman
Nicole Majette Class of 1995
Julie Makridickis Class of 1962
Irwin Malamud
Debbie Malden Class of 1973
Al Maldonado Class of 1976
Juan Maldonado Class of 1976
Stacey Malings Class of 1972
Antione Malloy
Patricia Maloney Class of 1974
Roslyn Maltz Class of 1946
Lori Mandel
Lee Mandel Class of 1968
Sukhdip Mangat
Paul Manzo
Dusanka Maracic Class of 1973
Mala Maranzano Class of 1987
Attilio Marasco Class of 1974
Raymond Marasco Class of 1975
Jude Marcu Class of 1991
Lynn Marcus Class of 1956
Leon Marcus Class of 1951
Steven Margolies Class of 1978
Lester Margolis Class of 1966
Sheila Margulis Class of 1957
Bob Margulis Class of 1965
Mary Marinaro Class of 1965
Eleanor Markgraf Class of 1946
Howard Markowitz Class of 1972
Haydee Marneo
Melvin Marsel Class of 1958
Michael Marshak Class of 1956
Brandon Marshall Class of 2009
Carol Marston Class of 1956
Fior Marte Class of 1997
Kawon Martin Class of 1996
Nathaniel Martin Class of 1988
Anna Martinez
Solomon Marva Class of 1974
Jawaune Massey Class of 1993
Tiana Mathis ( Oates) Class of 2004
Daniel Max
Andrea Maxwell Class of 1993
Arthur Mayer
Donna Mazer
Irv Mazur Class of 1960
Amy Mazur Class of 1981
Linda Mazziotti Class of 1969
Evelyn Mcallister (Aiken) Class of 1984
Terrance Mcavoy Class of 1963
James Mccabe
Lamont Mccarthy
James Mcclean Class of 1970
Jaleesa Mccrimmon Class of 2008
Joyce Mcdermott Class of 1971
Tracey McDonald ( Hines) Class of 1984
Andy Mcdougall
Joseph McGovern Class of 1978
FRancis McHales
Cameron Mckenzie Class of 1990
Daniel Mclenan Class of 1984
Martin McManus Class of 1962
Joseph Mcmanus
Florence McNamara Class of 1946
Carol Mcnelis Class of 1976
Janet McNicholas Class of 1973
Cindy Mcquade Class of 1971
Ann Mcqueen Class of 1945
Edward McSharry Class of 1962
Paul Mcsweeney Class of 1977
Anna Medina
Peggy Meere Class of 1961
Rosmery Melgar Class of 1990
John Mello
Robert Mello
Marcia Mendelsohn Class of 1955
Michael Menschel Class of 1969
James Menzies Class of 1956
Diana Mercado
Mario Mercado Class of 1983
Annette Mercado
Lisa Mercer Class of 1978
Marcia Merdinger
Adele Merenstein
Kathy Mertz Class of 1966
Carl Merz Class of 1957
Leonard Messer Class of 1946
Marilyn Messinger Class of 1942
Despina Metropole Class of 1946
Vivian Metz Class of 1950
Marty Metzler
Joan Ann Meyer Class of 1946
Marc Meyers Class of 1967
Yvette Meyers Class of 1987
Sanford Meyersfield Class of 1961
Linda Michaels Class of 1963
Miriam Michtom Class of 1946
Leslie Miguel Class of 1987
Hope Mikaelian
Millicent Milhauser Class of 1946
Catherine Miller Class of 1953
Eugene Miller Class of 1962
Jeffrey Miller
Jeffrey Millman
Barbara Mills Class of 1971
Daniel Milmore Class of 1976
Gerald Milton Class of 1949
Donald Minenger Class of 1991
Stephanie Sade Minette Class of 2004
Ellen Minker Class of 1962
Judy Minsky Class of 1961
Vivian Mintz Class of 1954
Karen Mintz Class of 1966
Nancy Miranda Class of 1977
Pruitt Miriam Class of 1979
Garry Mirsky Class of 1970
Nancy Mirsky Class of 1970
Roberta Misuraca Class of 1983
Warren Mitchell Class of 1972
Ray Mitchell Class of 1983
Steve Mmm Class of 1965
Ejaaz Mohamed Class of 2008
Firaz Mohamed
Alan Mohr
Andres Molina Class of 2000
Everett Molinari
Louis Molinari Class of 1946
Steven Molinari
Ruth Monereau Class of 2007
Alan Montague
Doretta Montgomery Class of 1946
Nicole Moodie Class of 2005
Shukri Moore Class of 1992
Beverly Moore Class of 1974
Daniel Moore Class of 1990
Danny Moore Class of 1991
Ashley Moore Class of 2004
Greta Moorer
Sara Mora
Elizabeth Morales Class of 1983
John Morales Class of 1971
Willy Morales Class of 1990
Carlos Morales Class of 1987
Frank Mordecia
Gail Morgenstern Class of 1967
Peter Morovich
Barbara Morris Class of 1961
William Morris Class of 1946
Lisa Morris Class of 1984
Monique Morris Class of 1992
Joan Morris Class of 1975
Betty Moses Class of 1964
Alan Moskowitz Class of 1970
Robert Moss Class of 1951
Gail Moss
Lynn Most Class of 1965
Patrick Mozella Class of 1991
Stacy Mucerino Class of 1977
Betty Muhlhausen Class of 1953
Raymond Muldorf Class of 1946
Joey Muncey Class of 1978
Erin Munday (Byrne) Class of 1983
Jackie Mundell Class of 1958
Margaret Mundy Class of 1946
Anibal Pete Muniz Class of 1985
Hector Muniz Class of 1998
Alice Muratore (Falsetta) Class of 1974
Flora Murillo Class of 1972
Kathleen Murphy Class of 1975
Ann Marie Murphy Class of 1973
Patricia Murphy
Gillian Murray
Tracey Murray
Joseph Murray
Bernice Musiker Class of 1946
Rudolph Myres Class of 1946


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Jermel\Quinntin McDonald (Class of 2004)

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